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Ānandha Wellbeing is an offering from Maae® Conscious Wellbeing Service.
We are two siblings on a mission to bring love, compassion and healing support to individuals on their journey of transformation from poor physical, mental, spiritual or emotional health to supporting them through lifes many transitions. 

With over 20 years experience working within the NHS, we are passionate about bridging the gaps between holistic therapies and conventional healthcare and ensuring that all individuals are able to incorporate wellbeing into their daily life.


Honouring the sacred thresholds of life through Holistic Therapies, Energy Medicine, Sound Healing and Ceremony.

Our areas of expertise and interest are Conception, Pregnancy and Postpartum wellbeing, Mental Health, Addictions and End of Life. We weave in elements of energy medicine, breath work and meditation to bring in conscious wellbeing.

All our energy based and holistic therapy sessions and energy-based practices, are based on embodying our true self. We use the sacred source consciousness of pranayama (breath) as a connecting thread and alchemist, to realign you with your original sound and light technology. We create a space of allowance and release our resistance to return home to our I AM presence and fully embody our divine blueprint. Our practices enhance the healing and are a catalyst to the healing that you will do as the alchemist of your own health.

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