Dance is a physical form of sound. When we move our bodies we are creating a design.

There are things within us that are changing that we cannot see and because of that, we are stepping into a still point, releasing our control over the body.

Your life through authentic Awarenesss | Movement | Connection.

Embody© is a fusion of embodied practices through conscious embodiment and the core principles of Dance of Awareness™. It is a group movement practice that aims to increase self-awareness and self-acceptance within groups of individuals in their recovery from substance use disorders. It is a movement practice based in Neo-Reichian character structure, developmental psychology and psychoanalytic theory, and is influenced by 5 Rhythms dance and authentic movement. Informed by neuroscience, these group sessions are a polyvagal and trauma informed process, with the individuals wellbeing at the heart of the group dynamics.

Working with movement is the key to the effectiveness of the practice, as so much of our early history is beyond words- either preverbal or unconscious, that is best accessed non verbally through movement. Neuroscience shows how important this process is in the creating of our sense of self and how early body memories form the template for our adult selves- including our strengths and weakness, our sensitivities and gifts. Conscious movement also has the potential to create an ecstatic or non-ordinary group experience where the transpersonal becomes vividly present and transformative.

Aside from the ecstatic joy we feel when we move our body, The Embody session, also allows us to revisit this early body history, to celebrate the embodied patterns that make us unique and to discover new ways of unfolding into being, all in a joyful, liberating, embodied and self-regulated state.

Music is a core part of this practice and we move throughout the stages to a conscious selection of movement which is selected to evoke the expressions within each phase, you will feel able to feel the inner movement impulses that are ready to emerge, from breathing into your body, lifting your arms for reaching, pushing, yielding to and from the ground. Each phase takes you deeper into your own body awareness. The body is ready to express all these movements, but due to our own resistance we tend to control these inner impulses, leaving us feeling heavy and weighed down.

The phases are:

  • Sensing the body directly – we move our focus on the physical sensations of flesh, muscle, and bone, and an external focus on the five senses;
  • Grounding our bodies in connection to the earth, receiving support;
  • Expressing the shapes, patterns, and movements that are ready to take form;
  • Releasing the energy that is ready to move in the body;
  • Connecting deeper into ourselves – and outwards with others and the world;
  • Completing the journey and returning to our true nature.

Throughout the phases, you will be redirected back to your own awareness through breath, to be fully present with experience – which may be breath, impulses, emotion or a bodily sensation.

You will feel connected within yourself after each session and there is time within the group session to integrate.


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Movement | Awareness | Connection

The Embody sessions

Join us for a therapeutic session of Conscious Dance. We work through the stages of sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing, connecting and closing.

Group sizes are limited to ensure a safe container for all present.


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    Treatment FAQ's

    Movement | Awareness | Connection FAQ's

    What do I wear?

    We recommend you wear layers that you can remove as you move through the cycles, as you will get hot and sweat a lot. To maintain the core aspect of safety of all the group participants we do not permit any nudity or being topless.