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20 April 2021

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Energy Medicine

There are many deep shamanic healing processes where the healing lies with the individual. You are very involved with the healing process and we work together. As medicine women we assist this process for you as conduits for the energy, facilitating the energy and holding space for the healing to take place. During your consultation at the beginning of your appointment we use shamanic tracking to determine which shamanic healing process is in the highest good for you in the quantum now. A basic shamanic healing will be conducted prior to any deeper processes and it may be necessary that you will require a follow up.

We currently offer the following healing as individual sessions and often more than one may be offered in a session dependent on what the practitioner feels is required:

– Shamanic healing (removing energy imbalances in energetic field)

– Soul retrieval (retrieving lost soul parts due to loss, trauma or other life events)

– Sword cleansing (deep healing through auric body in relation to past lives)

– Shamanic journey (with the medicine drum or the sacred Earth gong- lower, middle and upper world journey to retrieve guidance from spirit to support with life)

– Power animal journey (journey to find, seek guidance and  connect with power animal energy)

– Dismemberment (deep process to energetically rebuild you to support you on your life path)

– Cutting of ties (cutting energetic cords which are affecting your life)

– Illumination (deep practice to restore the body’s luminous energy field)

– Ancestral healing and clearing (connecting with maternal and/ or paternal lineage to remove any negative traits)

– Past lives Healing (connecting with past lives where you stop negative traits from repeating in your current life)

– Womb healing and blessing (deep journey to healing the womb to move forward, can be performed even following hysterectomy)

– House and land clearing (deep energetic house cleansing)*

– Andean Limpia ceremony Indigenous Curandera practices (various deep cleansing practices using herbs/ plants/candles)

– Sacred Medicine Woman readings (Intuitive readings with spirit to support you with guidance or one’s life purpose, past, present, future)

– Sacred End of Life (dying and grieving consciously to support those affected by the life transition of a loved one)

– Soul Midwifery (1:1 support for the dying and loved ones)

– Recapitulation (sharing of life story either with person dying or with family)

– Spirit flight (a meditative practice to support crossing over)

– Decoupling/ breathing meditation (to reset the HPA axis restoring the flight of fight system)

– Psychopomp (escorting loved ones to return home to the sacred summerlands)

– 7 Chakra illumination (cleansing the chakras and the Luminous energy field)

– Great Death Rites (Releasing the luminous body and sealing the chakras before the funeral)


* these sessions will require a longer time period

(Allow 1.5 hours per appointment, including your consultation and time to discuss after).


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Energy Medicine

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