Intuitive Channelled Readings


27 May 2021

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Intuitive Channelled Readings

We are all energetic beings, walking our path on Earth, to fulfill our purpose or mission our soul plan. Various religions and faiths interpret this differently, yet, there is a consistent theme; the idea of an energetic connection to a ‘higher realm’, a place where messages are exchanged from the information centre or central hub if you like. People in spiritual circles, refer to this as the Spirit world, heaven, the cosmos, the Universe. Whatever you choose to call it, one of the fundamental rules within this ‘higher realm’, is that spirit guides and angelic beings in most cases, can only provide answers to questions and assist with guidance when asked.

The spirit world often answers us in more subtle ways, for example: it could be a feather falling by your feet, or a penny left by the angelic beings to show you are loved and heard. It could even be written on the back of the newspaper or in an advert on the tube above your head, it is undoubtedly something that catches your eye, perhaps you can relate with recalling these encounters. Sometimes, these moments bring us joy and relief, that spontaneous light bulb moment, and at other times leave us slightly bewildered and puzzled.

Within today’s fast-paced society and technological distractions, we find that as primary energetic beings, we have become disconnected from our ‘main hub’. We often have questions that we need answers to, but due to these everyday distractions it can be difficult to receive the answers coherently even our sacred dream time has become blurry.


Channelled guidance is a beautiful way of receiving messages direct from ascended beings, guides from the higher angelic realms, gentle guidance or at times, hardy messages that cut through the clutter and confusion caused by the mind.

The channelled sessions conducted at Maae®, are carried out intuitively and are done so with the assistance of a spiritual team; spirit guides, elemental energies, wisdom keepers, ascended masters and angelic beings, to deliver messages to resolve potential problematic areas of your life, or to support with spiritual or life guidance.


A channelled reading, will involved connecting to source and light beings to download key information based on your questions or general guidance for the highest and greatest good in the quantum now, cards may also be used during a session.


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Intuitive Channelled Readings

Readings are conducted via zoom, skype or video call. If this is not possible, we will email you with a recorded audio of your reading.

Intuitive Channelled Readings Sessions

We offer personal channelled readings.

Intuitive Channelled Session


30 Minutes Session


Intuitive Channelled Session


60 Minutes Session


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