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22 July 2021

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Virtual Therapies

As a result of the pandemic, virtual treatments have opened up opportunities for individuals unable to attend face to face therapies, to enjoy the benefits of a treatment in their home without the need for travelling.

These treatments are important for clients who are unable to leave the house for reasons during the pandemic or health related, this includes the following groups:

  • Self-Isolation
  • Immunosuppressed
  • Experiencing stress and anxiety
  • In treatment and requiring additional wellbeing support
  • Those within at-risk groups due to medical conditions:

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    How do virtual therapies work?

    You will be sent a detailed email with the link to join a video call and will be asked to complete a consultation form prior to the appointment, using a range of questions designed to understand why you are getting symptoms or pain and what can be done to improve things. From this, we can usually get a good idea of these may relate to and formulate a holistic treatment plan to address your concerns. Once you are comfortable, I will begin the practical element of the session and you’ll follow my techniques and mirror these on yourself. I will be able to see you and can check your pressure and technique every step of the way as I guide you through a sequence. It will also include relaxing and stretching movements and end with a calming meditation with the aim to help you let go of any stress or worries.